Body Wraps

LypoSlim Body Wraps


 $115/$499                                          60  Minutes/Series of 6

The LypoSlim wrap is a mummy style body wrap that cleanses toxins and  reduces inches. The LypoSlim solution is made from a mixture of natural  herbs and Aloe Vera. These facilitate the release of toxins from fat  cells into the lymphatic system by penetrating the protein wall around  the fat cell and dispersing toxins. The toxins are flushed out of your  system as you drink water over the next 3 days. This transfer of toxins  causes a measurable size reduction in the fat cell.

Size loss  first comes from new fat. Aloe works to soften older fat cells and  cellulite. Cellulite can take 4-5 wraps to soften. Low areas of  cellulite, such as back and arms, will reduce in size more quickly. The  skin tightens as inches are lost.

In a series of 12 wraps, you  will see a noticeable difference.  Wraps are recommended to be taken 4-5  days apart. If wraps are taken more than 7 days apart, fat cells will  start hardening again.  

A healthy diet during wraps is recommended. Alcohol, salt, spices,  sugar and oils prevent water from flushing the toxins and fat from  lymphatic system, so these should be avoided during wrap series for best  results. Dieting will aid in softening fat deposits more quickly, which  allows the wraps to take inches off more quickly. People have kept off  inches and pounds with this weight loss system better than any other  weight loss system.

Exercising burns fat, firms & tones  muscles, increases metabolism and should be done several hours each  week, just for better health. However, even vigorous exercise does  little for getting rid of hardened fat cells like cellulite.

If you have tried other body wraps and been disappointed, then you have to try The LypoSlim Body Wrap…..It really does work!