Body Sculpting

Vacuum Therapy $125 or 4 for $400


Non-surgical Brazillian Butt Lift Treatment.  Non invasive BBL uses radio frequency & vacuum therapy to help lift  and tone the buttocks and. Smooth cellulite. As seen on Dr. Show. the "Miami craze" 6-10 treatments  recommended for permanent results 

ICE Sculpting $195 for 120 Minutes


PureSculpt Ice is used for targeting any area of the body which helps  activate a unique natural process in the body called Cold Induced  Thermogenesis. Cold Induced Thermogenesis is a natural function that  activates the Fat burn & Sculpts body 

Ultrasound Cavitation (Laser Lipo) 1 for $75 add Radio Frequency $125


 1 Area ,1 session of "Non invasive Lipo" this a skin tightening break down of fat treatment add Radio Frequency for additional $50. Good for body contouring and body firming for belly, arms, legs, thigh, chin & back.  Also this treatment has NO down time. We recommend 6 sessions to see rapid results! "must complete within 3 months"

Wood Therapy/Wood Sculpt $90 for 45 minutes


 100% Natural, Non-Invasive  Free of Contraindications Activates Lymphatic System Eliminates Toxins Speeds up Metabolism  Breaks Down Cellulite Tones Tightens Reduces size  This treatment  feels great to receive and it will leave you both looking and feeling  great!